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On top of absolutely slaying his Bullet Train press tour looks and buying a $40 million bachelor pad on a casual cliff, Brad Pitt is dating again. Brad Pitt refuses to comment on the question that he is dating Lady Gaga. Ines de Ramon, who has been dating Brad Pitt for several months, showcased a curious piece of jewelry while out and about in Los Angeles. Brad Pitt and girlfriend Ines de Ramon started dating each other last year and have been spending time together. Brad Pitt is dating no one, according to his newest statement.New Year's Eve made it clear though: Pitt and de Ramon are dating and rung in the New Year on vacation in Cabo. Brad Pitt is dating the world, according to his newest interview.New Year's Eve made it clear though: Pitt and de Ramon are dating and rung in the New Year on vacation in Cabo. From their first concert outing to their New Year's getaway, here's everything to know about Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon's relationship so far. It wasn't until November when de Ramon and Pitt were first rumored to be dating. On November 16, 2022, a source told People that the two have been secretly dating for months.Interestingly, the source was indicated as close to de Ramon rather than Pitt. A source close to de Ramon told PEOPLE at the time that de Ramon and Pitt had actually been dating "for a few months," noting that a mutual friend introduced them to one another. A source close to Pitt said that the relationship wasn't serious at the time. Are Brad Pitt and Nicole Poturalski?

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