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Understand Microsoft Azure Storage for Virtual Machines

Microsoft Azure provides a storage solution that can be used for files, backups, virtual machines and so on. In this topic I’ll talk about Blob Storage that enables to store virtual disks for Virtual Machines. Storage account To use the Microsoft Azure storage solution, it’s necessary to create a Storage Account. This storage account gives you a single namespace where ...

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Connect Azure Virtual Networks to On-Premise Networks

Microsoft Azure provides a virtual networks solution to connect Virtual Machines for example. If you plan to implement a Hybrid Cloud for your IaaS solution, you should connect your On-Premise networks with Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks. In this topic we will see how to interconnect these networks. When creating a Virtual Networks in Microsoft Azure, you can deploy a gateway. ...

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Connect SCOM 2012R2 to Azure Operational Insights

Microsoft Azure Operational Insights (OpInsights) is a set of tools based on Azure technologies that enables to collect, combine, correlate and visualize all your machine data. OpInsights works with intelligence packs which are collection of logic, visualization and data acquisition rules. These intelligence packs can be added the the OpInsights easily from a gallery. These intelligence packs enable for example ...

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