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[Whitepaper] Understand Microsoft Hyper Converged solution

The last two months, I worked with my friend Charbel Nemnom on a whitepaper about Hyper-Convergence, especially by using Microsoft technologies. First of all, this document contains an overview of the IT infrastructure improvement in the last ten years past from before virtualization to Hyper-Convergence. Then we describe how works Microsoft Hyper-Converged solution by talking about Network convergence, RDMA, SMB, Storage Spaces Direct, ...

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Prepare a VHDX image of Nano Server

Microsoft has recently announced a new version of Windows Server 2016 called Nano Server. The main advantage of this Windows Server version is the small footprint. For that, Microsoft has removed the Graphical User Interface stack, 32-bit support, local logins or Remote Desktop support. Nano Server can be managed only remotely by using PowerShell, WMI or WinRM. Nano Server has ...

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