Windows Server 2016 servicing model

windows_server 2016

Recently Microsoft announced that the official launch for Windows Server 2016 should be at the Ignite conference this 26 to 30 September. Windows Server 2016 will be available in three different editions and in two different servicing model depending on installation option. These servicing models are known as Long Term Servicing Branch (LTSB) and Current Branch for Business (CBB). So ...

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Manage Switch Embedded Teaming from VMM 2016


Since System Virtual Machine Manager 2016 Technical Preview 5 with cumulative update 2, it is possible to manage Switch Embedded Teaming (SET) for non-Network Controller managed host. Before cumulative update 2, the only way to deploy teaming from VMM was to use the classical network teaming. SET brings a lot of advantages compared to classical network teaming as RDMA or ...

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VM Start Order in Windows Server 2016


Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 5 brings a new feature called VM Start Order. It enables to make dependencies between VMs or groups of VMs to start the server in the good order. Think about a complex service based on multi-tier as Active Directory, Databases, Web Servers and application servers. To start the service, you should start in this order ...

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Extend Active Directory to Microsoft Azure


Extend Active Directory to Microsoft Azure is a common scenario when you implement hybrid cloud. For example, protected VM with Azure Site Recovery may need access to Active Directory even if On-Premise datacenter is unreachable. You can also extend your Active Directory to Azure when you use production workloads in Azure VM to avoid to implement a new forest or ...

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Deploy highly available IaaS service in Azure Resource Manager


When you deploy production VMs and so production services in Azure, you often want high availability. Sometimes Microsoft makes operations in Azure Datacenter that can impact the availability of your service. Some prerequisites are required to have a 99,95% SLA on VMs in Azure. Moreover, you may need some load-balancers to route the traffic to healthy servers and to spread ...

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Getting started with Azure IaaS in Resource Manager


In November 2015, Microsoft has released for everyone the new Azure portal based on Resource Manager (ARM). Resource Manager is a new way to deploy and manage resources in Azure. Deployed resources will be arranged in resource groups to ease the lifecycle of the application and the resources in the same resource group. Thanks to ARM, we can deploy applications, ...

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Deploy MySQL resource provider in Azure Stack TP1

Microsoft has released Azure Stack in the end of January. Then not long after, Microsoft published PaaS resource provider for MySQL, SQL Server and Web Apps. These resource providers enable to host web-based applications as web site and their databases. In this topic we will see how to deploy MySQL resource provider to host MySQL database. To follow this topic, ...

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