Midjourney Logo Prompts Examples

The Midjourney neural network is great for creating logos. Below are examples of logo works and promts for their creation.

Lots of tiny text


hello” text, in style of lots of tiny text –v 6


Black and white


black and white cap¬†coffee¬†outline on the water, in the style of playful streamlined forms, simple –ar 1:1 –style raw –stylize 50 –v 5.2


Clear lines, simple, in one color



logo for the first high school, clear lines, simple, in one color, use architecture as a basis, have four pillars and an open book at the bottom as the roof of the logo –v 5.2 –s 50 –

Retro Logo


Logo with text “RETRO Coffe“, Logo Creation, Video Color scheme –ar 3:2 –v 5.2 –s 50 –


2d Logo, letters watermark


A simple logo, 2d, letters watermark: Coffee, academy style, with lightbulb that symbolises ideas and paper airplane that symbolises growth, on white background –v 5.2

Fantasy style rune symbol Logo


demon slayer clan in fantasy style rune symbol, white background, black and white –v 5.2 –s 50

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