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New personal assistant AI

We recommend trying to communicate with the new personal AI, who can help with advice, find information, or just chat.

Top 5 neural networks for video

top 5 dating services

By default, you use “Fast mode” – in this mode, the request gets queued for fast generation, which consumes these minutes.

Midjourney Mockup Prompts Free

A mockup is a model or a prototype of a design, often used in the fields of product development, web design, and graphic design.

How to download a picture in good quality Midjourney in Discord

Today I will tell you how to save a picture taken in Midjourney in high quality.

Midjourney Logo Prompts Examples

The Midjourney neural network is great for creating logos. Below are examples of logo works and promts for their creation.

How to create your own Midjourney server?

Midjourney can be used on Discord. There are public servers where you can join.