Next gen Microsoft management tool: Honolulu

Since the beginning of the year, Microsoft is working on a new management tool based on modern web languages such as HTML5, Angular and so on. This tool is called Honolulu. Honolulu is a user-friendly web interface that enables to manage Windows Server, Failover Clustering and Hyperconverged cluster. Currently, to manage hyperconverged cluster, Honolulu requires Semi-Annual Windows Server release. Honolulu ...

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Windows Server 2016 servicing model

Recently Microsoft announced that the official launch for Windows Server 2016 should be at the Ignite conference this 26 to 30 September. Windows Server 2016 will be available in three different editions and in two different servicing model depending on installation option. These servicing models are known as Long Term Servicing Branch (LTSB) and Current Branch for Business (CBB). So ...

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Prepare a VHDX image of Nano Server

Microsoft has recently announced a new version of Windows Server 2016 called Nano Server. The main advantage of this Windows Server version is the small footprint. For that, Microsoft has removed the Graphical User Interface stack, 32-bit support, local logins or Remote Desktop support. Nano Server can be managed only remotely by using PowerShell, WMI or WinRM. Nano Server has ...

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Understand Microsoft licensing for Virtual Environments by Altaro

Altaro Software has released a new eBook to understand the Microsoft licensing for Virtual Environments. This eBook is really interresting because the connection between hardware and licensing is clearly explained. You can download the eBook “Licensing Microsoft Server in a Virtual Environment” here: Moreover Altaro has planned a Webinar about Microsoft Licensing on December, 4th 2014 with Thomas Maurer and Andrew Syrewicze. You ...

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Manage Windows Server 2012 Core environment

Since a long time, Windows Server are based on graphical interface until Windows Server 2008R2. This last operating system can be installed in Core mode that means without graphical interface. But Core mode of Windows Server 2008R2 was limited because lot of software were not supported. In the same way, it is also possible to install Windows Server 2012 Core ...

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