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Storage Spaces Direct: plan the storage for hyperconverged

When a customer calls me to design or validate the hardware configuration for hyperconverged infrastructure with Storage Spaces Direct, there is often a misunderstanding about the remaining useable capacity, the required cache capacity and ratio, and the different mode of resilience. With this topic, I’ll try to help you to plan the storage for hyperconverged and to clarify some points. ...

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Understand Microsoft Azure Storage for Virtual Machines

Microsoft Azure provides a storage solution that can be used for files, backups, virtual machines and so on. In this topic I’ll talk about Blob Storage that enables to store virtual disks for Virtual Machines. Storage account To use the Microsoft Azure storage solution, it’s necessary to create a Storage Account. This storage account gives you a single namespace where ...

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Synology NAS for Hyper-V purpose

Since two years I have a Synology DS412+ which provides me share for personnal use (such as holiday photos :p). This NAS is nice to share files accross network to computers, TV, smartphone etc. As I have a lot of holiday photos, I had to change all disks for more disk space. Below old configuration : 4 x Western Digital RE4 500Go RAID ...

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