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Specialize Windows Server Hyper-V guest OS automatically

If you have not SC Virtual Machine Manager, you have no access to VM Template to deploy standard virtual machines. But SC Virtual Machine Manager leverages existing mechanisms to deploy and specialize Windows Server such as unattend file, custom scripts or PowerShell. The specialization of the operating system enables to configure the license key, the computer name, the IP address, ...

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How to deploy a converged network with Windows Server 2016

If you read the news regularly, you probably have heard something about converged network. This is a model where the same network adapters are used to handle several kinds of traffics such as storage, live-migration, virtual machine networks and so on. This design brings flexibility, simplicity and is cost effective. First of all, this design is flexible because you can ...

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WEBINAR: Scripting & Automation in Hyper-V without SCVMM

System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) provides some great automation benefits for those organizations that can afford the hefty price tag. However, if SCVMM isn’t a cost effective solution for your business, what are you to do? While VMM certainly makes automation much easier, you can achieve a good level of automation with PowerShell and the applicable PowerShell modules for ...

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Why using ReFS with Hyper-V 2016

Resilient File System (ReFS) is a new file system which has been released with Windows Server 2012. The ReFS is designed to increase the integrity, the availability the scalability and the Proactive Error Correction. In Windows Server 2012 ReFS was not much used because it lacked features compared NTFS (No Disk Quotas, no compression, no EFS and so on). But ...

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Working with PowerShell Direct

PowerShell Direct is a new feature provided by the next release of Windows Server that enables to run PowerShell commands from Hyper-V hosts in a virtual machine. It works without the network and so without WinRM or other features. This is great when a firewall is misconfigured or when a network issue occurs and avoids you to manage your server. ...

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New Altaro Webinar: What’s news in Hyper-V vNext

Altaro organizes a new Webinar about Hyper-V in vNext Windows Server version and new features: We’re warming up for the release of Hyper-V vNext and we’ve invited Microsoft Hyper-V MVP, Aidan Finn and Microsoft Sr. Technical Evangelist Rick Claus to take you through what’s coming up in a new Altaro webinar, hosted by our very own MVP Andy Syrewicze! Looking to get ...

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