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Deploy highly available IaaS service in Azure Resource Manager

When you deploy production VMs and so production services in Azure, you often want high availability. Sometimes Microsoft makes operations in Azure Datacenter that can impact the availability of your service. Some prerequisites are required to have a 99,95% SLA on VMs in Azure. Moreover, you may need some load-balancers to route the traffic to healthy servers and to spread ...

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Getting started with Azure IaaS in Resource Manager

In November 2015, Microsoft has released for everyone the new Azure portal based on Resource Manager (ARM). Resource Manager is a new way to deploy and manage resources in Azure. Deployed resources will be arranged in resource groups to ease the lifecycle of the application and the resources in the same resource group. Thanks to ARM, we can deploy applications, ...

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Manage Azure VM from Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2

Since Update Rollup 6 of Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2, it is possible to manage Azure VM from the VMM console. You can do simple actions as stop or start the machine, establish an RDP connection. In this topic I’ll describe how to add the Azure Subscription to manage Azure VM from Virtual Machine Manager 2012R2. Requirements To follow this topic ...

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Deploy Azure VM from a generalized image

To deploy a large amount of consistent Virtual Machines, generalized images are often used. You can upload a generalized image that you deploy usually on your On-Premise datacenter or you can also create a generalized image directly from Microsoft Azure. In this topic I’ll explain how to capture an image directly from Azure and how to upload your already existing ...

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Understand Microsoft Azure Storage for Virtual Machines

Microsoft Azure provides a storage solution that can be used for files, backups, virtual machines and so on. In this topic I’ll talk about Blob Storage that enables to store virtual disks for Virtual Machines. Storage account To use the Microsoft Azure storage solution, it’s necessary to create a Storage Account. This storage account gives you a single namespace where ...

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Windows Azure Pack – Manage VM Networks

As we have seen in a previous post, Windows Azure Pack can be connected to your virtualization infrastructure relying on System Center Virtual Machine Manager. This is Virtual Machine Clouds (VM Clouds) service that enables to connect to your virtualization infrastructure to provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to your tenants. In addition to manage virtual machines, VM Clouds enables ...

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