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Create a custom SUU to update Dell firmware

Dell provides a smart utility to update firmware and drivers in their servers. This utility is called Server Update Utility or shortly: SUU. SUU is an ISO that holds all drivers and firmware for all supported hardware. When you use SUU in a Windows Server, it detects hardware, firmware’s versions and driver’s versions. Then SUU asks you if you wish ...

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WEBINAR: Scripting & Automation in Hyper-V without SCVMM

System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) provides some great automation benefits for those organizations that can afford the hefty price tag. However, if SCVMM isn’t a cost effective solution for your business, what are you to do? While VMM certainly makes automation much easier, you can achieve a good level of automation with PowerShell and the applicable PowerShell modules for ...

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Windows Azure Pack – SMA installation

SMA (Service Management Automation) is a feature that enables to automate tasks in your private cloud from the Windows Azure Pack. SMA is included in the Orchestrator ISO. Three components are needed to run SMA for Windows Azure Pack: SMA Web Services – This is a REST Endpoint used by the Windows Azure Pack to connect to the SMA service. ...

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