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Fault Domain Awareness with Storage Spaces Direct

Fault Domain Awareness is a new feature in Failover Clustering since Windows Server 2016. Fault Domain Awareness brings a new approach of the high availability which is more flexible and Cloud oriented. In previous edition, the high availability was based only on node: if a node failed, the resources were moved to another node. With Fault Domain Awareness, the point ...

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Deploy highly available IaaS service in Azure Resource Manager

When you deploy production VMs and so production services in Azure, you often want high availability. Sometimes Microsoft makes operations in Azure Datacenter that can impact the availability of your service. Some prerequisites are required to have a 99,95% SLA on VMs in Azure. Moreover, you may need some load-balancers to route the traffic to healthy servers and to spread ...

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Windows Azure Pack and VM Clouds in High Availability

When the Windows Azure Pack is installed for production, the access to the cloud services should be accessible 99,9% of the time. To implement this service level, the Windows Azure Pack has to be deployed with high availability mechanisms as Load-Balancing, SQL AlwaysOn and so on. The below schema shows the Windows Azure Pack deployment in high availability that I ...

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Implement VMM highly available

When Virtual Machine Manager is used, it is the management point of your virtual infrastructure. So VMM is a critical component and usually needs to be implemented in high availability. Moreover when the Windows Azure Pack is used in production, Virtual Machine Manager must be installed in high availability in order to your tenants have almost always access to their ...

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