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Deploy a SMB storage solution for Hyper-V with StarWind VSAN free

StarWind VSAN free provides a free Software-Defined Storage (SDS) solution for two nodes. With this solution, you are able to deliver a highly available storage based on Direct-Attached Storage devices. On top of StarWind VSAN free, you can deploy a Microsoft Failover Clustering with Scale-Out File Server (SOFS). So you can deploy a converged SDS solution with Windows Server 2016 ...

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Storage Quality of Service in Windows Server 2016

To manage the storage performance priority of virtual machines, Microsoft has introduced in Windows Server 2012 R2 the Storage Quality of Service (Storage QoS). This feature enables to set a maximum input/output per second (IOPS) to a virtual hard disk. In a multi-tenant environment you can set the maximum IOPS according to a service level or to avoid that a ...

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Storage Replica

Storage Replica is a new feature in Windows Server 2016 that enables to replicate data from the storage level when you are using Windows Storage solution. Storage Replica uses SMB3 to replicate and can leverage on RDMA to increase throughput and to decrease CPU utilization. Storage Replica implementation Currently Storage Replica supports four different scenarios: Stretch cluster implemented by using ...

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Build a HyperConverged infrastructure with NanoServer

Thanks to Windows Server 2016, we will able to implement HyperConverged infrastructure. This marketing word means that storage, network and compute components will be installed locally on servers. So in this solution, there is no need SAN. Instead the Storage Spaces Direct solution will be used (for further information please read this topic). In this topic I’ll describe how to deploy ...

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Manage Storage Space Direct from Virtual Machine Manager

In a previous topic, I shown how to implement a Storage Space Direct on Windows Server 2016 TP2 (it is almost the same thing in Technical Preview 3). In this previous topic I created Storage Pool, storage space and some share from Failover Clustering console. In this topic, I’ll show you how doing the same operation from Virtual Machine Manager Technical ...

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Hyper-V converged networking and storage design

Since Windows Server 2012, the converged networking is supported by Microsoft. This concept enables to share an Ethernet adapter for several network traffics. Before that, it was recommended to dedicate a network adapter per network traffic (backup, cluster and so on). So thanks to the converged networking, we can use a single Ethernet adapter (or teaming) to carry several network ...

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