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RDS 2016 Farm: Configure Domain Controllers

This topic is part of a series about how to deploy a Windows Server 2016 RDS farm in Azure. In the previous topics, we have deployed Microsoft Azure resources such as networks, storage or virtual machines. In this topic, we will configure domain controllers to extend the On-Premise Active Directory to Microsoft Azure  Before following this topic, the previous articles ...

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Extend Active Directory to Microsoft Azure

Extend Active Directory to Microsoft Azure is a common scenario when you implement hybrid cloud. For example, protected VM with Azure Site Recovery may need access to Active Directory even if On-Premise datacenter is unreachable. You can also extend your Active Directory to Azure when you use production workloads in Azure VM to avoid to implement a new forest or ...

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Deploy highly available IaaS service in Azure Resource Manager

When you deploy production VMs and so production services in Azure, you often want high availability. Sometimes Microsoft makes operations in Azure Datacenter that can impact the availability of your service. Some prerequisites are required to have a 99,95% SLA on VMs in Azure. Moreover, you may need some load-balancers to route the traffic to healthy servers and to spread ...

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Getting started with Azure IaaS in Resource Manager

In November 2015, Microsoft has released for everyone the new Azure portal based on Resource Manager (ARM). Resource Manager is a new way to deploy and manage resources in Azure. Deployed resources will be arranged in resource groups to ease the lifecycle of the application and the resources in the same resource group. Thanks to ARM, we can deploy applications, ...

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SQL AlwaysOn FCI in Azure IaaS Cloud with StarWind Virtual SAN Solution

1 – Introduction This article explains how to deploy an SQL AlwaysOn FCI in Azure IaaS Cloud in SAN-less mode (without Shared Storage like SAN, NAS …) with StarWind Virtual SAN solution.           StarWind Virtual SAN allows to present Shared Volume to a WSFC Cluster from two or more nodes without physical shared storage solution (SAN, ...

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Begin Azure IaaS – Prepare your Environment

1 – Introduction This article presents how to prepare an environment in Azure IaaS (Resource Group, Cloud Service, VMNET, VM …) from the beginning and explain Azure basic concept: creation of all required resources (Resource Group, Storage account, Cloud Services). configuration of a Virtual Network (VNET) with multiple subnet. configuration of VPN Gateway (Point-to-site VPN) for client connection and certificate configuration. ...

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