Happy new year 2017 !


Today we are the 1st January 2017 and an additional year has passed. It’s time to say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017 and I wish you a happy new year and your dreams come true. I’d like to thank you again for reading and sharing my work. The year 2016 was a busy year for me. I take the opportunity of this blog post to make a recap of my year 2016.

I’ve started the year 2016 by writing a whitepaper about hyperconverged Microsoft solution with my MVP friend Charbel Nemnom. It was really valuable to work with Charbel because he is really friendly and he is really skilled on Microsoft technologies. We have to update it this year to add information about the final release of Windows Server 2016 J

In February, I’ve applied for a new job to Exakis at Lyon (France). I’m still working for Exakis as a Senior Consultant on Windows Server, System Center and Microsoft Azure. I’ve made some events with Exakis about Azure Site Recovery, Windows Server 2016 and so on.

From April to June I’ve worked a lot on my personal lab to make several presentations. I have invested a lot of money and time to make this lab alive. Thanks to this lab, I can try and write about Storage Spaces Direct, Veeam software, Microsoft Azure and a lot of other technologies.



In July, Packt has contacted me to write an update of the Hyper-V Best Practices book previously written by Benedict Berger. I have changed and added a lot of sections to be updated for Windows Server 2016. This book has been released at the end of October and I’m very proud for having written this book.

In September, I’ve started working for What Matrix to update or create some comparison (Hyper-V and Storage Spaces Direct). Then I have integrated the CMD community.

In October, I was renewed MVP Cloud & Datacenter Management I am really proud about that. Then I was speaker with my Microsoft fellow, Florent Chambon about what’s news in Windows Server 2016. This session was presented at Techdays France. In the same month, I’ve presented with Lenovo France, Mellanox and Microsoft a proof of concept of a three nodes hyperconverged solution with Storage Spaces Direct. Customers were really happy about this event and I work now for some of these customers to implement a S2D solution in their datacenters.

In November, I was at Seattle for the MVP summit and I have met a lot of MVP fellow. It was a great event where we can speak with Microsoft Product group.

In December, I have had my first VMware certification. I hope to get more VMware certification in the next year.

What’s next?

As I have said in previous topic, I’m starting to diversify Tech-Coffee. Since some month, I’m talking about Veeam® Backup & Replication and VMware. I will continue next year to talk about these products. It’s not because I don’t believe in Hyper-V. It is because I really love to work on Datacenter technologies and a little less on the Cloud. So, I give myself every chance to continue working on datacenter technologies.

Firstly, this year, I’ll upgrade my MCSA Windows Server 2012 to Windows Server 2016. I should pass the exam on 26th January. Then I’ll speak to MS Cloud Summit with French MVP Fellow, Mickael Lopes and Jean-François Berenguer. We’ll speak about:

  • What’s new in Windows Server 2016
  • Storage Spaces Direct and Storage Replica

This year I hope to continue to speak about datacenter technologies and have more hyperconverged cluster. I’ll continue my VMware certification path about vSphere and vSAN. I hope you still enjoy Tech-Coffee and it helps you to troubleshoot or to design your infrastructure.

Stay tuned for further topics J

About Romain Serre

Romain Serre works in Lyon as a Senior Consultant. He is focused on Microsoft Technology, especially on Hyper-V, System Center, Storage, networking and Cloud OS technology as Microsoft Azure or Azure Stack. He is a MVP and he is certified Microsoft Certified Solution Expert (MCSE Server Infrastructure & Private Cloud), on Hyper-V and on Microsoft Azure (Implementing a Microsoft Azure Solution).

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